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Math 31

Math 31 – Course Syllabus

Teacher:        Mr. D. Martin                         School Phone: 342-4800 ext 263373

Email:             martind@rdcrd.ab.ca
Twitter:           d_martin05

Text:                Calculus: A First Course

Unit                                                                             Estimated Classes               

1) Limits and Rates of Change                                              10        6%                              
2) Derivatives                                                                          9         5%                              
3) Applications of Derivatives, Extreme Values                     14        8%                              
4) Applied Max/Min Problems and Curve Sketching              13        8%                              
5) Trig Functions, Derivatives of Trig Functions                    13        8%                              
6) Exponential and Log functions, Differential Equations      13        8%                              
7) Area, Integrals                                                                    11        7%                              

            Unit Assessments                                                                   50%
            Comprehensive Exams (2)                                                    10%
            Other                                                                                       10%
            Final Exam                                                                              30%

Punctuality:   Students are expected to be on time.  Late arrivals interfere with the class progress.  Students are expected to come to class with their notebook, textbook, calculator and a pen or pencil. 

Note:  As Math 31 is equivalent to many first year college courses; you should try to build on individual work habits to be successful.  The course material will be presented at a faster rate than other math courses and it is your responsibility to keep up and get help with material that you either miss or do not understand.