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Math 20-1

Math 20-1                   September 2011                                             Teacher Mr. Martin
                                                                                                                     Phone: 342 4800 Ext 263373
                                                                                                                         Email: martind@rdcrd.ab.ca
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Text:  McGraw – Hill Ryerson Pre-Calculus                                   

Unit                                             Chapter       Classes           Weight           Date                  

1) Sequences & Series                 1                    10                       6 %               TBA for all
2) Trigonometry                          2                   8                         5 %
3) Quadratics                              3 & 4            21                       14 %
4) Radical & Rational                 5 & 6            13                       9 %

5) Absolute & Reciprocal            7, 5.3, 6.4     12                       9 %
     Functions, and Equations

6) Systems of Equations              8 & 9             9                        7 %
    and Inequalities

Cumulative in-class final                                                           5 %

8)  Other                                                                                    15 %

9)    Final                                                                                    30 %                

Final Review will be approximately 4 days.

The following ideas are strongly recommended for success in Math 20-1

1) Ask questions about any difficulties you are having.
2) Students must have their own approved graphing calculator for this course.  A TI 83, 83+,
    84 or an NSpire is highly recommended and will be the calculators referred to in class.
We believe that timely assessment and feedback enhances student success in math.  Therefore, all scheduled exams must be written on the designated day to ensure prompt feedback.  In the event of school activities conflicting with a scheduled exam, the student must talk to the teacher in advance of the test to arrange an alternate time. In the event of illness, etc, the student will write an alternate unit exam on an alternate day, which will be one week later after school. 
Cumulative Replacement Exam
All students will be given the opportunity to write a scheduled replacement exam.  If the mark from the replacement exam is higher than an original unit exam, it will replace a lower mark.  The replacement exam will be cumulative.